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The gates of hell are opening! House of Satan is a high quality generative NFT project built on the Ethereum blockchain containing images of Satan varying in rarity with randomly assigned traits.


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Rarity Breakdown

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We used CSPRNG to determine the rarity of your minted Satan!


These Demons make up the bulk of Satans army! You can find them toiling away and carrying out the dark lords vision.


These Demons have been promoted and can usually be found cracking the whip and ensuring the lesser demons and demigods are aligned to Satan.


The cream of the crop, Satans generals hatch devious plans and order their subjects to mobilize in the name of the dark lord.

Satanic Lore

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The Chosen One


Az'gulloth was chosen by Satan to administer hellish wrath upon the non-believers with his double mace. His necklace was fashioned from five holy emmissaries that were cast into heathen birds.

The Heretic


Brorgromek famously revolted from Satan in the early demonic wars, however upon his famous victory using human inspired technology Satan offered him a permenant spot on his interior council.

The Crypt Keeper


Draglokoth's shiny golden skin was an early gift from Satan for his work in guarding the underworld crypts, it is said that any mortal who gazes upon the shimmering exterior becomes petrified.

What's next?


Phase 1

  • Project Inception, Team Setup
  • $75K USD Seed Funding Secured from Private Investors
  • Backend services and image generation completed
  • Marketing Reveal
  • Community, Discord and Twitter Setup
  • Influencer Campaign Begins

Phase 2

  • Smart Contract deployed to Ethereum Mainnet
  • First 100 HOS NFTs minted for promotions & giveaways
  • OpenSea Collection Setup
  • Website Launched
  • Rarity Tools, Nifty Drops and NFT Calendar marketing begins
  • Artwork is completed

Phase 3

  • Marketing Blitz leading up to Launch
  • Minting Dapp is released
  • Sale starts

Phase 4

  • Supply reduction of HOS
  • NFT Staking to earn passive yield
  • Increasing the benefits for HOS Holders
  • Satan Masks launch for HOS Holders
  • More coming soon!

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